Decisions- Financial or otherwise…

Obsession! This could be very dangerous or intriguingly amazing. My obsession with the Apple brand and their device range is unbelievably insane. And those who know me well, can attest to my current obsession- the Apple MacBook.

Decisions, we make them every second of our lives; to wake up or not, what to wear, who to meet, how much to spend on a particular item or how much to save monthly. Some are really good decisions, others honestly leave a lot to be desired- the kind that makes you ask ” what the hell was I thinking?”

My most recent financial decision was deciding whether to replace my broken laptop or not. I’ve been without a laptop for 9 months now because I absolutely cannot own any other laptop besides an Apple Laptop. I am OBSESSED, so I decided I will save and wait.

At first it seemed impractical to function this long without a laptop given the many things I do (part time lecturing, studying, business and Global Shapers), but I remembered just how much I loved a MacBook and how great it would be to own one. Buying a MacBook has been a goal I’ve had since January 2017, but I could not afford it then and still cannot afford it now ( a few months to go). The guilt of spending so much on one item has also been overwhelming, knowing what I could do with the money besides buying a laptop. But there is only one thing I want and I am not going to hold back.

For months, I’ve been saving in order to buy one which has been a difficult commitment. The struggle of instant gratification heightened the battle, but I remain focused on the goal. Fortunately, I am 80% closer to achieving the goal which feels great. This shows that my patience, commitment and discipline of saving will pay off soon, and it’s exciting.

As I prepare for the new week ahead, I stop and ask myself, how many of us are committed to seeing through the decisions we make; be it to study, save more or go to gym etc.? We make decisions all the time; decisions that make us better or position us in different situations to get us closer to our dreams. My challenge to you this week is to make a decision (whatever tingles your fancy) commit and see it through. You will be amazed and how many of your goals you can by doing this.

@Mr Fin_Fix “Take ownership of your finances”

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