Finances Of A #Nerdy30 Year Old

It’s said that life starts at 40, a phrase I’ve heard many a time growing up. Apparently this is when you truly find yourself and things are “supposed” to be going well for you; sadly I couldn’t relate having just turned 30 years old two months ago. So, like a young adult raised well, I will “stay in my lane” and discuss matters most people my age can relate to.

The theme for my 30th birthday was #Nerdy30 and this was inspired by many reasons such as; to celebrate education, travel, freedom and being a young professional. I was blessed to have my Master’s degree graduation on the same day as my 30th birthday; a day before South Africa’s freedom day (27 April 2018). This made 2018 a truly memorable year, signifying growth and opportunities for me. And such opportunities include the ability to share my financial adventures as I embark on the next chapter of my life- where dreams are endless ( such the car below) and hopefully possible to achieve in our lifetime.

A very close friend loves to refer to life as ” the reality of adulting ” as we face more and more challenges the older we get; financial decisions being amongst them. We often need to decide whether to buy property or rent, to buy a new SUV or not, how much to save monthly, the need to pursue a new postgraduate qualification and how to finance it. We are faced with decisions on whether to change jobs or not and where to start with planning for retirement. This can get overwhelming!

I’ve shared many lessons and mistakes made during my 20s which I hope were inspiring. My goal is to continue sharing more lessons as I embark on the next chapter of life. I will be sharing a series of financial challenges and decisions I believe most people in their 30s are faced with. I will tackle topics such as; Mortgage bonds- what to look out for. Financing my postgraduate studies, savings and investment planning , travel, thinking about retirement and many more.

As the financial adventures continue, I hope you will learn from my experiences and use these to change or improve your decisions. Looking forward to the journey!

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