Reading The Alchemist (Part 2)

” A fable about following your dream”

It’s been said that the only thing constant is change and reading The Alchemist, my only wish was to experience some level of change. My expectation when investing time to read a book is to be taken on a journey of self discovery, to experience some change regarding how I see things, how I approach situations and improved vocabulary to name but a few. I expect to experience paradigm shifts and gain new perspectives that enable me to critic, analyze and gain insights. If a book can do all that and still inspire and ignite a call to action- then that’s the cherry on top.

The Alchemist did exactly that and allow me to share 3 key take aways that rattled my cage.

1. Understanding your Purpose.

Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists”. Trying to understand what my purpose is has been an ongoing debate over the years- why am I here? Why was I created? What is my purpose on earth? These are very difficult questions and many of us struggle to find the answers.

Embarking on the journey with the Shepherd to find the treasure allowed me to better understand what purpose is. The crystal glasses had a purpose, the girl of the dessert he met at the oasis had a purpose to wait for her “lover” to return; the lead, gold, sun and wind each had their purpose and each it’s own limitations.

I believe finding the reason to why we exist allows us to become whole, giving us confidence to be our true selves. My purpose on this earth to be a beacon of hope and inspiration- to inspire and empower people through my gift of speaking and writing. Each day spent not living out this purpose is an insult to my Creator and I have vowed to live out my purpose each day.

2. Listening to your heart

We all talk about our “gut feel” or the small voice that always warns us of danger or reassures us if something is meant for us. The Shepherd learnt to listen to his heart and to trust it despite it’s flaws, fears and insecurities. Many a time, my heart tells me to be relentless in pursuit of my dreams and desires. It tells me to be brave and take that leap of faith- be it in business, at work, relationships, in my personal life or with my finances.

But somehow, I allow my fear and insecurities to take over. I allow peoples’ insecurities and fears, their ” No it cannot be done or that is not possible “to dim my light and subsequently kill my dreams. I sometimes become my own worst enemy because I seek external validation for my dreams, when my heart continues to speak to me- telling me that my dreams are valid. The Alchemist allowed me to be vulnerable and to take stock of these issues.

3. Being fearless

It’s been said that the richest place on earth is the graveyard. The wealth of knowledge, brilliance and ideas that lie buried in the graveyard is immeasurable. When faced with death in the dessert and challenged to turn himself into the wind, the Shepherd faced his fears. Furthermore, when he was assaulted next to the pyramids and told that his dream of finding the treasure wasn’t valid, the Shepherd remained fearless. Too often, we waste time and never pursue our dreams, only to regret it in death.

I have been afraid of fully owning my God given talent to speak and write and of using this talent to touch lives and impact them meaningful. My fear has always been about failing to establish myself as a speaker and author, scared that I was not good enough and continued to compare myself to everyone else. I’ve wasted so much time being afraid and judging myself; afraid of being judged by everyone else. Why?

The Alchemist gave me hope that fearing failure disempowers us from being great. Being fearful kills our dreams and stops us from fulfilling our destinies.

Going into 2019, I’ve challenged myself to be more daring, to be more intentional, consistent and unapologetic about my dreams. I’ve committed myself to work harder and remain fearless- to trust myself and listen more to my heart. What is your commitment for 2019?

” There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure “

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