New York City: My Travel Experience 

I am obsessed with New York City and to date it remains one of my favourite cities to visit. Whenever anyone asks why I am so obsessed, I ponder on so many things which include the city’s liberation, its energy, upbeat pace, technological development and the wide variety of events, restaurants and museums to choose from. I also feel like it has space for everyone, allowing you to be yourself. 

I recently booked a flight, escaped the hustle of Maseru and travelled to the United States of America (USA) to take a well-deserved break following a very productive year. This trip was predominately a business trip to attend FinCon in New Orleans, but of course I always mix business with pleasure. So, New York city would be part of my itinerary. Also being the trailblazer that I am, I believe that I am a New Yorker at heart and in my mind, I am convinced that I fit the New Yorker profile. So, naturally, I would come ‘home’ right?

Captured by Tokiso TKay Nthebe

I arrived in New York City on Sunday, 22 October 2023 from New Orleans and landed at Newark Liberty International Airport. As part of travel plans, I asked my travel agency to book an airport pickup and I travelled to Brooklyn to stay with a friend for the week. 

Like I mentioned above, New York City has a lot to offer. My stay in the city started at United Skates of America and Affiliated Rinks – America’s Finest Roller-Skating Centres, where my friend’s neighbour celebrated her birthday. She wanted to go skating for her birthday and boy did I have an amazing time. I am surprised that I ‘still got it’. I got to skate after many years, fell a few times and met new people. 

My second highlight being back in the city was a visit to SoHo House New York in Dumbo on Tuesday evening. SoHo House New York forms part of the SoHo Houses around the world. Started in London, SoHo houses can be found in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia and South America. 

Tokiso TKay Nthebe at Empire Fulton Ferry, Dumbo New York

Situated in 29-35 9th Avenue in Dumbo, New York, not only did SoHo House, capture my heart; it was another affirmation that I would enjoy New York. With the Brooklyn Bridge as its backdrop on Fulton Ferry, the vibe and just how people dressed up and showed up was incredible. New York City is often said to be a city that never sleeps, and I can confidently attest to this. The party officially started at midnight. To be part of the SoHo house, you can apply for membership (visit for more information.)

There is so much to do in New York and spending only a week is not enough to cover a tenth of what is available. So, I had to be smart and try to do as much as time would allow. 

Since my last visit in 2018, I wanted to capture and recreate some memories, so I went to Times Square and Empire State Building again. I took the train to Coney Island to catch up with another friend and enjoy the sunset. On my back home, with a low phone battery, trying to navigate New York’s subway was an adventure. I got lost trying to find the A-train, jumped back on the J-train, got off a few wrong stops and eventually found my way home. 

Friday was dedicated for games night, a much need night of fun, laughter and good conversations. On Saturday morning, Ethan and I took the train via the World Trade Centre to Jersey City, walked across Brooklyn Bridge to Empire Fulton Ferry. We grabbed lunch and wine at Timeout Market, where I ordered a scrumptious tacos bowl. From there we took the train to Prospect Heights in Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Public Library to see HOV Exhibition. 

What tips would I share with first time visitors to New York city?

  • Firstly, allow yourself to take it all in, but try not to stand out like a tourist. I am not sure how easy this is, because the skyscrapers, avenues and robots will throw you off. 
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes because New York City is a walking city.
  • Do not be scared to buy food on the New York Streets, they are very tasty. 
  • If you are not using the local currency, try not to convert to your local currency as this can ruin the experience. To avoid this, I use a USD debit card. Speak to your financial services provider for suitable options.
  • Do not be shy to ask for someone to take you a picture, especially if travelling alone. People in New York City are much friendlier than I expected. 
  • Have FUN, embrace the city and take a lot of pictures. 

There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless

by Simone de Beauvoir

Until my next escape to the Big Apple, let’s keep creating travel experiences together!

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