Thai Experience: Solo No More (Part 2)

Day 3 in Phuket, Thailand and the story continues. It feels like a lot has happened in a space of just 3 days. We’ve experienced the Thai night life, enjoyed the local cuisine, meaningful conversations, hectic confrontations and some people did not come back to the resort (yes, it does get too hectic).

We are staying at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa Patong. The resort is very nice and clean. It has a pool, gym, spa and garden to die for. The food is decent and they serve cocktails (you do not want miss happy hour starting at 2pm). The resort is within walking distance from the notorious Bangla Road, making it easy to make your way home after a night of club hopping.

The Thai night life is one of a kind- sensual, sexy, naughty, fun and liberal. These are words I can only come up with to describe it. You’ll have to walk down Bangla Road to understand exactly what I mean. Girls dancing on bar counters, pole dancing, waiters harassing you to watch a sex show, lady boys strutting the streets and loud music all around.

The last time I was here (April 2017) I was totally blown away- the party never stops. Coming back two years later, I realize that nothing has changed. We STILL party from Sunday to Monday nonstop.


My favorite thus far has been the New York Club (reminded me of my solo trip to the US in 2018). They have live performances where you will sing  and dance to Y..M..C..A and Empire State of Mind. For goodness sake, we are in Phuket and not New York!! But who cares?

We met new friends, posed for pictures exchanged contacts and made our way back home. Last night was no different, Bangla Road was still lit  and the party was in full swing! It did not matter that it was Monday. Only two of us made it back home (at 3am ) and we missed our lift to Phi Phi Islands this morning. But we aren’t worried, because tomorrow is another day to explore and experience this magical destination…

Till then, allow me to dive into the pool and enjoy happy hour. My next blog post will take you on a journey to Phi Phi 

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