The Big Apple-The concrete jungle (Part 2)

28 April 201 8- 09:20am: The much anticipated arrival at JFK International Airport after a 14 hour flight from Doha Qatar. Exhausted, nervous but very excited, it suddenly hits me; ” I am finally here, I am actually in the United States of America (USA).

I make my way through immigration, a little overwhelmed by the advanced technology and stringent security measures. Finally I make it through customs and there I am, READY to start the adventure. It is a bit chilly outside, but nothing will dampen this for me. 20 years I’ve dreamt of being in New York City!

I wait for my shared airport transfer to arrive and while I wait, I exploit the free WiFi at the airport. It is mind blowing how easily accessible WiFi is around here.

Finally, I arrived at the hotel located on 36th street on the 7th Avenue. The foyer of the hotel has a vibe and energy that reminds you that you are in the best city in the world. The hotel also has a roof top bar with an amazing view and bar area on the second floor that is conducive to work, socialize or have dinner. The hotel is also 5 minutes away from Times Square, 10 minutes away from the Empire State Building and literally a train away from Central Park, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn to name a few.

Inspired and overwhelmed at the busyness of the streets of Manhattan, I wonder off to explore and take it all in. I’m inspired by the sky scrapers, the yellow cabs, the ease at which people stop to take a picture. There is no one judging you here, no one paying any mind to what you wearing or who you are with. People are not bothered by the type of car you drive, because you can literally walk or use the metro. Did I also mention that you have WiFi as walk anywhere in the city? Amazing!

New York is a very easy city to navigate. It’s either you going uptown or downtown. If you learn the avenues and streets, this city becomes your oyster. But should you get lost there is someone willing to direct you or assist. Another amazing aspect of the city.

Walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan was the most exhausting part of the trip. But the lessons learnt were unforgettable. This walk inspired me to never limit myself. If I want to do anything or pursue any dream, I should never let anyone tell me it cannot be done. When you see people perform their hearts out on the streets to entertain and make a living, this ignites the spark and shines light on all the dreams you’ve been afraid to pursue.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park you see the consistency of hard work amongst the people of the city. You see a guy walking dogs to make a living, a model doing a photo shoot in the rain, a musician performing to get a dollar and a couple getting married. The work ethic is amazing. You walk down the streets at 2am and shops are open and the metro operates 24hours. What does this do for a country’s economy? The possibilities in this city are endless.

Amazed by everything I’ve seen, I think of our situation back home. I get a little depressed, because the opportunities aren’t in abundance, the environment is not as conducive to pursue any dream like here. Quickly my mind amplifies the negative aspects of our country, our continent. But then I remember all the young people working extremely hard to make ends meet.

I think of all the designers making amazing garments, the producers making world glass music, the models, photographers, musicians, authors, poets, entrepreneurs, radio personalities and professionals working to make Lesotho great! And I’m equally inspired. Inspired by how much Africa and Lesotho has to offer.

We are a young continent, full of energy, vigor and ambition. We are educated, we are blessed and ready. I leave the United States full of hope and energy to make a difference in my community, in my county. I leave New York ignited with energy to be relentless in pursuit of my dreams- to live for today, to contribute meaningfully to the development of others and to live my best life. My message is simple… screw all the negativity and let’s do it for Lesotho. Let’s do it for Africa! 

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