Be You

The easiest thing to do in your life is to BE YOURSELF!

But experience has proven time and time again that this is not the case.  In fact the hardest thing to do lately, is to actually be authentic and true to who you are.

Many, if not most struggle with this and the struggle remains an ongoing battle. The pressure of fitting in with the “cool kids” or conforming to the norms and stereotypes that govern our societies continually make it difficult for anyone to stay true to their individuality.

The pressure of friendships- trying to please everyone so as to fit in. The  financial challenges we face trying to provide for our families, yet maintaining lavish lifestyles. And let us not forget about the challenges  we face in our respective careers, trying to climb corporate ladder. We change who we are completely trying to make relationships work; relationships that often leave us broken, bitter and empty. These are some of the reasons many of us compromise ourselves and eventually lose our identities.

We compromise our morals, ready to throw people under the bus in pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder. We compromise our dreams, sacrificing them completely to please other people who didn’t believe in dream in the first place. We stay in relationships that continue to break away a piece of our personality every day, but because we are afraid of being alone- we stay.


Enough with you pulling yourself down for other people! ENOUGH!

It is a brand new year and each one of us has been granted a new opportunity to rewrite our lives. An opportunity to take control of our destinies and stop them from spiraling out of control. It is your responsibility to take this opportunity and run with it.

The excuses and lies we tell ourselves, justifying why we are stuck in relationships that break us need to stop. The reasons we tell ourselves every night why we are stabbing our colleagues and friends in the back so we can prosper must stop. Enough with spending money you do not have, wearing clothes you cannot afford  or driving cars you cannot maintain trying to please friends and family. Enough with compromising yourself for other people; ENOUGH!

It is not easy being authentic… it is not easy staying true to who you are. But it must be done and must be done today.

  1. We need to start loving ourselves unconditionally. No one will love you more than they love themselves. So why compromise your love for you?
  2. We need to stop apologizing for who we are, for being individuals. Being someone else is not original, so why waste your time doing that?
  3. We need to stop putting other peoples’ happiness ahead of our own; sacrificing our own happiness to please them. Your happiness comes first!
  4.  We need to appreciate where we come from and work hard on where we aspire to be. Do not let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough.

As 2017 slowly picks up momentum,  do not allow the mistakes of the previous year haunt you. Let go of those mistakes, learn from them, love yourself and stay authentic. There is a reason you were born the way you are; you are special!!!

So why bother being anyone else but yourself?

Live. Lead. Love!

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