Are you happy with yourself…? 

These words linger in my mind after my favorite song plays in the background. Deep in thought my mind wonders; the silence that normally occupies my mind is disrupted. 

Am I happy? Am I happy with myself? 

My first instinct is to think of all the “bad” in my life. First and most… the stress and frustration of the job.Secondly, the family that annoys and irritates me. Thirdly, the friends that without a doubt will disappoint me!! 

Too quickly the list grows, with many a complaint in mind- this, that and other things that I can and will complain about. 

Surely…life cannot be this bad and filled with resentment. But experience has taught me that human beings will and are going to complain about this, that and other; when and where they can!

Too quickly I found myself spiraling down the very small slide. Mind occupied with negativity; heart burdened with bitterness as to ” why not me” “why not now” and ” why only that much?”

I am sure we’ve all been here at one point or another, thinking “oh God when is my turn going to come?”

The reality of life is that each one of us has a different season, a different breakthrough and an opportunity to shine and rise. But because we believe we have life figured out- we find it fitting to take matters into our own hands and run the show. And more often than not, we do so with arrogance and resentment.We focus on all the bad and negative elements in our lives- finding reasons why we are victims. And this is a card we play too well. 

We complain about being stuck in our careers. We cry about having no opportunities to grow or excel. We complain about taxes, inflation, petrol increases. Yet we forget to say thank you that we go to bed with food. We forget to say thank you we have a roof and a bed- that we have an income ( for those who do). 

We are very negative and have not attitude of gratitude in our lives! 

A moment later I challenged myself to think about all the good things I am grateful for in my life. 

While at first it seemed like a difficult exercise, the results quickly started coming together and the attitude shifted from a negative one to a more positive one. 

I am grateful for the gift of seeing another day. This is truly a blessing. The opportunity to work for amazing companies, to apply my mind everyday, to touch lives positively using radio…soon the list grew longer an longer. 

The lesson here is not to always focus on the negative aspects of our lives. We need to practice an attitude of gratitude which ignites positive energies within us. An attitude of gratitude unlocks within you a spirit of ” I can do anything” and teaches you to appreciate what you have, while working hard to get what you want. 

My challenge to you this week is to draw a list of 50 things you are grateful for in your life.

Focus on them, draw positive energy from that and keep working on what you aspired to have. 

Dare to live… 

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