Events to attend in Maseru, Lesotho: The Vodacom All White Fashion Festival

Generally, the festive season is every lifestyle content creator’s favourite time of the year because there are so many events to attend, making it possible to create new and fresh content. I speak for myself as a lifestyle content creator when I say the opportunities are limitless, especially in a country like Lesotho, completely landlocked by the Republic of South Africa (RSA). It is interesting how we can have many different events happening simultaneously and if you have not experienced Lesotho during the festive season, maybe visiting then is NOT a bad idea!

So, what events should you consider attending when visiting Lesotho during the festive season? 

Photo credit: Vodacom Lesotho

Well, the Vodacom Lesotho All White Fashion Festival, with a touch of red which takes place annually on the second or third week of December is a definite must-attend event. Sponsored by Vodacom Lesotho (VCL), the leading telecommunication company and Lesotho’s best network, Jam Session Sounds, Big Events, All White, The Reporter and Ticketbox, this lifestyle festival attracts performances from local deejays, artists and acts from RSA. 

Photo credit: Jam Session Sounds

The festival is an outdoor event, ideal for fashion and music lovers who love to dress up in their favourite all-white outfits, creatively spice things up with a touch of red and dance the night away. 

The 2023 edition took place on Saturday, December 16 at Thaba-Bosiu Cultural Village in the outskirts of the capital city, Maseru. VIP tickets were sold via the M-Pesa App (a mobile money service from VCL Financial Services) from LSL400 i.e. $21 and no cooler boxes were allowed in the VIP section. General tickets were available for LSL150 i.e. $8 allowing patrons to bring cooler boxes and camp chairs. Food and drinks were on sale from a selection of vendors, and cab services from and to Thaba-Bosiu were also available. 

Picture by Tokiso Nthebe

How was my experience?

Dressed in my all-white Bonono T-shirt, white pants and a Simon and Mary hat, my friends and I arrived at Thaba-Bosiu at 1:30 pm and checked into the VCL VIP section. The friendly hosts at the entrance checked off our names on the RSVP list, tagged us and we were treated to welcome drinks. I do not have enough words to describe the Vodacom hospitality!

We ate, drank, danced, and connected with like-minded trailblazers. The line-up, stage and sound were top-tier and unlike the previous year, the weather was PERFECT! It was warm and sunny, how outdoor events should be. It is always amazing to witness the talent of our local artists and deejays. Personally, performances that captured my heart at the event, in no order, were those of Sents’o Music, Omali Themba, Lamiez Holworthy and Makhadzi. Sadly, I missed some of the performances including the surprise act because I left the event at 1 am. 

It would be remiss of me not to mention the security at the event. The event had a strong security presence and I felt so safe and secure. The event organisers also ensured that there was no litter during the event, as cleaners constantly picked up trash. I was also impressed by the professionalism of the working team, including the event’s MCs. 

Photo by Tokiso Nthebe

Another highlight that made this event special for me was the beautiful fireworks display around midnight, what an incredible experience! With a bouquet of events and festivals to choose from, the Vodacom All White Fashion Festival ranks high on my list of recommendations. So, if you ever find yourself in Lesotho during the December holidays and looking for things to do, make sure to attend the All-White Festival. 

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