Are You Ready For A ‘Deelactable’ Experience?

Hello fellow trailblazers,

If like me you, you’ve been yearning for new and fresh experiences, hangout or eating out spots in Maseru; well, fasten your seat belt because this blog post brings you exciting news.

I spent Saturday, 15 July 2023 at a birthday party in Maseru to celebrate a dear friend and entrepreneur. You are probably thinking, there’s nothing out of the ordinary because I get invited to many lifestyle events and birthday parties right?

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

Well, this particular birthday party was different from some events that I’ve had the privilege of attending. The host, was not only celebrating her special day, but was also introducing her upmarket restaurant called ‘Deelactable’ to her family and friends. What a birthday gift right?

The 15th July 2023 was officially Deelactable’s soft launch before the grand opening expected later this month. This new upmarket restaurant, situated at Maseru Club promises to bring class to cuisine.

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

Talking about class, the restaurant’s exterior lures you with its inviting green and white painting; where the lights guide you to the front door. From the front door you step into the restaurant’s reception that has a smoothing ambiance created by beautifully curated lighting and warm welcome from the friendly staff. The bar area (my favourite) is stocked with wines, whiskey and something for the cocktail lovers.

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

The restaurant is aesthetically pleasing with the continuation of the green and white colours scheme throughout. Because winters in Lesotho can be harsh, the host made sure that there are heaters and a fire place to keep the place warm. Well, the fire place is strategically located in the private room – ideal for private functions or business meetings. I cannot wait for the warmer summer months, where I will get to sit outside and enjoy the outdoor.

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

How is the menu?

The menu offers starters, mains and desert. For the trailblazers who enjoy their three course meal, you are in for a treat. The drinks menu also has variety offering beers, whiskey, cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic. The prices aren’t too bad, so do not be intimidated by the beautiful interior design.

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

How was my first experience?

Wouldn’t you like to know huh???

Kidding, seriously, I am kidding.

Photographer: Chaka Tsenase

Well, my first experience at Deelactable was beautiful. Being among a few invited to first to experience the place ,taste the food and provide feedback was super cool. I am also excited and look forward to the official opening, brining much needed variety to the Maseru restaurant scene. Deelactable offers something different and unique, haven’t found the right words to explain it. Its location is also a BIG plus for me – situated in the heart of the city, but still quite enough. I enjoyed the tasting and the bill for my drinks didn’t break the bank.

I cannot wait for you to also experience Deelactable when it officially opens. Intrigued? Well, you can also watch my Deelactable Vlog experience on my YouTube channel.

Love. Travel. Money

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