Lesotho Wine hosts Ken Forrester Vineyards in Maseru

As a travel and lifestyle enthusiast, if you send me an invitation to a food and wine pairing event, you can be sure that my answer will be a resounding YES!

Picture 1: Tokiso TKay Nthebe (Picture taken by Paballo Makatla)

As fate would have it, Lesotho Wine invited me to an intimate food and wine pairing event at Deelactable Restaurant in Maseru on the 3rd of August 2023. With only a few weeks left until the 10th Annual Lesotho Wine Festival set for 7 October 2023 at Maseru Club in Maseru, Lesotho Wine hosted Ken Forrester Vineyards for an intimate food and wine pairing. 

About Lesotho Wine

Lesotho Wine brings a world of wine and wine events in and around Lesotho. For years, Lesotho Wine curated wine experiences that bring delight to the palate. This year (2023) marks a decade in the marking of Lesotho Wine, a significant milestone. According to Lesotho Wine, to celebrate this milestone, the festival promises to be an experience like no other with over 100 wines to taste, esteemed sommeliers, and live entertainment. 

Picture 2: Ken Forrester Pat’s Garden (Picture taken by Paballo Makatla)

About Ken Forrester Wines

Dating back to 1993, the story of Ken Forrester Wines began when Ken and his wife Teresa bought a vineyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa. A year later, the first wines were produced under the Ken Forrester Wines label, causing a stir within the Chenin Blanc space (Ken Forrester Wines 2023). Ken Forrester Wines has a range of wines such as the Ken Forrester Renegade, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, Pat’s Garden Reserve and the Old Vine Chenin Blanc.

The food and wine pairing experience

The ambiance was incredible, with a four-course menu. On arrival, the Sparklehorse Cap Classique (MCC) was served, paired with the Deelactable butternut soup. The Terra Noire Chenin was served next, paired with an Appetiser loaded potato skins with bacon, sour cream and cheese sauce. The main course options included slow-braised beef short rib served with polenta cakes and in-house green vegetables or Lesotho Highlands trout served with mash and vegetables paired with Renegade Rhone Blend. 

A highlight for Maleballo Bally Mokhathi (pictured below) was the Renegade’s smell of petrol and I quote ‘I LOOOOVE the smell of petrol. Never thought it possible to incorporate it into wine. WILD!’ 

For dessert, a moist sticky toffee pudding with custard or seasonal fruit salad with berry ice cream was served, paired with the FMC. 

Lesotho Wine hosted another incredible evening- a must attend food and wine event. The overall service and ambiance were great and exactly what I needed. The venue, the event hosts, and the pairings were well-curated. Personally, Lesotho Wine Festival is a highlight on my social calendar. The festival brings wine lovers (experienced, curious, or willing to learn) for a beautiful afternoon of great conversations, wine tasting, fashion, networking, and live entertainment.

If you have not bought your ticket yet, do so NOW! Tickets are available at www.lesothowine.co.ls

All the Ken Forrester Wines are available at Station Off Sales (popularly known as Ha Frank). See you on the 7th of October 2023!

Here’s to creating more travel and lifestyle memories

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