Seven coffee shops to visit when touring Maseru

Are you visiting Maseru, Lesotho’s capital city for the first time and looking for good coffee?

Before I land into trouble with coffee connoisseurs, perhaps unpacking and defining what ‘good coffee’ is would be a great starting point. ‘Good coffee’ can be defined in different ways to different people, so, for purposes of this blog post good coffee refers ‘one that you enjoy’ as described by Espresso & Coffee Guide.

Whatever your preference is, Maseru is home to decent coffee shops and cafés in Lesotho, each providing a unique coffee experience which I discuss in this blog post. 


First on my list, in no order of importance, is Artisan situated at Corner Thaba-Bosiu and Qhali Road in Ha Thetsane. This speciality coffee shop offers hot and cold beverages that include, but not limited to expresso, americano, café latte, dirty chai, expresso tonic and ice latte. Artisan also offers Neapolitan Pizza which you can enjoy at the venue or on a takeaway basis. Artisan hosts intimate events such as  the Food, Art and Fashion (FAF), which brings food, art and fashion enthusiasts together. Parking at Artisan is limited, and patrons can call to order or walk between 08:00 and 18:00 hours.  

Café What?

Known for its artistic ambiance and creativity, in my opinion Café What? is every creative’s favourite spot in town. Situated in Maseru’s industrial area, it has an outdoor and indoor sitting area, a bar, full menu offering different dishes, pizza and coffee. Café What? also hosts many different events, live performances and markets.

Everyday Cakes

Situated in Mookoli Ha Molise opposite the Engen filling station on the Main North A1, Everyday Cakes is an intimate cake shop ideal for cake and coffee lovers. Their menu includes other dishes and on special occasions patrons can order  pearled barley and sorghum risotto with slow braised lamb knuckle and creamed butternut. Everyday Cakes also serves different wines to enjoy with your cake and sometimes hosts food tasting events. At Everyday Cakes, ‘It’s all about the taste’,  so make sure  to visit and  indulge in the taste.

iindulge coffee shop

Talking about indulging, the next coffee shop on my list is iindulge Coffee Shop situated at 64 Malibamatso Road, in Lower Thetsane Maseru. Iindulge coffee shops offers coffee, light meals and corporate breakfast. When visiting iindulge, you have the option to sit outside or indoors. This cosy coffee shop is also the perfect spot if you want to get some work done in a quiet place, with access to Wi-Fi and birds chirping. iindulge opens at 08:00am to 17:00pm Mondays to Saturdays and closes at 15:00pm on Sundays.

Nobo Coffee Shop

This cute coffee shop offers coffee for coffee lovers on the go! Situated at Maseru Book Centre along Kingsway Road, Nobo Coffee caters to your coffee needs and offers a quick bite. Nobo Coffee’s menu also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. They open from 08:00am to 17:30pm Monday to Friday, allowing patrons to sit in or order telephonically. Nobo Coffee also hosts different events such book launches or speed dating.

Ouh La La

The French cosy café in the heart of Maseru offering a refreshing and warm welcome, has different coffees, wines and a full menu. Situated at Alliance Française de Maseru, corner Kingsway and Pioneer Road, Ouh La La is a popular spot for events and live performances. Its outdoor patio is ideal for business meetings, conversations, and networking with friends. One lovely thing I love about its location is that it is one of the most accessible shops on my list. 

Renaissance Coffee & Café 

Finally, I want to talk about Renaissance Coffee & Café, which is located at Pioneer Mall, one of the few malls in Maseru. Renaissance Coffee & Café is ideal for patrons who need a quick coffee boast during their shopping or business associates looking for a place to work or have a meeting. Like others I highlighted above, Renaissance also offers a full menu, breakfast and lunch, an ideal place for family and friends to connect, relax and enjoy a meal together.

‘If it wasn’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever’ 

David Letterman

While this list is not exhaustive, I must highlight that there are a few other coffee shops and cafes in Maseru to consider. Personally, like Letterman eloquently puts it, ‘If it wasn’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever! I encourage you to try out any of these amazing coffee shops, order a cup and unleash that personality. Enjoy your stay and remember to follow my social media pages @tkay_nthebe, subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up to my free emali newsletter.

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