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I’ve committed to travel at least twice a year- whether abroad or domestic. The purpose of my travels is not to run away from my life problems- NO, but rather to re-energize, draw inspiration and learn something new.  So I decided to make an escape to Cape Town to draw this very inspiration I seek. It has been a while since I visited Cape Town, 4 years to be exact.  And how I managed to do this is baffling and unforgivable. But let us not get stuck in the past and embrace the opportunity and experience presenting itself.

” Traveling is not something you’re good at. It’s something you do: like breathing” – Gayle Foreman

 There is something magical about life in Cape Town, the authenticity and simplicity are something that makes it hard not to love the city. There is a vibe of opulence that inspires you to really live your best life and to work hard towards self-actualization. The scenery awakens new energy that compels you to focus on the positives in your life and to truly appreciate what life has to offer what better time to do this than now?

More inspiring about my short stay in Cape Town was the opportunity to reunite with friends and engage in amazing conversations. We often take it for granted how much travelling changes and builds us. I leave the city with my mind pregnant with many thoughts and ideas on how to do and be better. I leave the city inspired by conversations that challenged my paradigm and questioned how I’ve been approaching my dreams. My commitment to travelling will never change.

As I get ready to head back home, I am compelled to plan the next escape because like Gayle Foreman rightfully said, ” travelling is not something you’re good at. It is something you do!

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