Thai Experience: Vibrant Bangkok

08:15am we arrive in Bangkok after a two hour flight from Phuket- morning flights are such torture. The air is very dry and dusty- I can almost see the high levels of pollution in the city. Upon our inquiry, we are told it’s because of all the construction happening in the city and the busy industrial sector. Like any big city, Bangkok’s skyscrapers line up in numbers, has a lot of traffic and the streets are very busy. It has a heart beat of it’s own, not quite like New York, Paris or Rome; but it’s very unique.

The hotel is decent with a very spacious room secured on the 7th floor. The staff at the hotel are very hospitable, especially Tom who chauffeured us around for two days at a fee of only 1,500 Baht (equivalent of LSL 675). Our booking also included breakfast which was served on the 3rd floor and came with a diverse menu offering (I needed a break from Thai cuisine). The hotel also has a roof top with a pool and gym on the 14th floor, a serious party could happen here.

Bangkok has a very vibrant nightlife, VERY Vibrant. You are harassed from all corners of the street from peep shows, sex shows, and anything promiscuous you can literally think of. You are offered massages (some with happy endings) ranging from 350 Baht to 1 000 Baht where you watch people having sex.

My goodness, at some point I was completely overwhelmed, but nothing a Long Island cocktail couldn’t fix. The party escalated to new heights and off course I took to the dance floor, enjoying the amazing music. Mind you, they were playing music from a phone, no sign of a DJ anywhere but the party was really  Also met a few guys from Paris, France  who were on holiday.

The night ended around 3am with a ride on a ” Tuk Tuk” for only 300 Baht. At this point, I regretted not taking out travel insurance (strongly recommend you do for your next trip). As exhilarating as the trip was, I was scared that should anything happen, I was not insured. Worst part was how fast this thing was moving on the highway, competing with bikes and cars. Thankfully, we arrived in one piece. 

The next activity was the floating market, a two hour drive from the city. The floating market comes with 3 options – 2 000 Baht, 2 500 and 3 500 Baht. Options include a 2 hour excursion around the market and the Buddha temple, an elephant trekking and/or monkey show offer. You also get to taste coconut sugar water which was absolutely terrible, I would not try that again! As we head back to the hotel, exhausted and a little drained; I look forward to a dip in the pool and hectic night out of partying. Bangkok comes alive at night and I need to wrap up this trip with a bang! Till then, I’m enjoying the pool and my Long Island

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