The Gin Journey…

I had vowed to myself that I’d cut down going out during the week and focus on getting things done. Tonight I had to relax the rules a little and celebrate a friend’s birthday, albeit still suffering the tsunami of “Jan-u-worry”. Birthdays are important to celebrate right?

My budget was maximum LSL 250 (for both food & drinks). I wasn’t even sure where the celebratory drinks would be, but I had to put measures in place if I was to win the ” Jan-u-worry” struggle. So LSL 250 it was and nothing more…I know it is VERY tight!

The next question was where?

New year, new me so thought I should honor an invitation I’d postponed many a time- PinsnStripes Bar & Lounge located at Lower Thetsane in Maseru. It made sense because naturally I am a ” Gin guy” or so I thought- until tonight that is.

Reservations done for 8 friends, rooftop and breathtaking views; this sounded just about right. I took over the birthday arrangements so we could experience this new, refreshing and inspiring views at PinsnStripes Bar & Lounge. If you haven’t been, the time is definitely now.

At first I sat by myself, waiting for the friends to arrive (time management remains a struggle in 2019) but I’ve found coping mechanisms- laptop, book and we are ready. So I ordered one of my favorites- Inverrochè Classic with blue tonic, only to uncover a whole range of Gins. Suddenly I felt like an amateur… a whole ” gin amateur” – goodness me! 


Dealing with my newly found ” incompetence” I had to distract myself with something else.

The views, the views from PinsnStripes are something else. Walking in, I was addressed by my name (didn’t expect this) which took me by surprise. This also came with amazing and friendly service. This place has an ambience that’s great and exclusive, one I haven’t experienced in a while.

I also didn’t know how green and lush our country was. Looking towards the Calendon river, reminiscing about my primary schools days, life suddenly seemed brighter and easier. It was Tumi’s birthday, a very special friend; this venue was perfect for meaningful conversations and drinks- while enjoying watching the sunset. This is what Tumi is about.

Many types of Gins tried and tasted, happiness all around and LSL 100 over budget, celebrating ” Jan-u-worry” birthdays continues and we look forward to another one on the horizon.

Till my next blog post, make sure to make your reservation and experience the PinsnStripes Bar & Lounge- it is a whole new and refreshing experience in Maseru; you will thank me later.

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