Escape To Mahlakapese River Resort, Leribe

I do not know about you, but there is a strong force that always pulls me to visit the beautiful district of Leribe. Rich with flora and fauna, Leribe is home to some of Lesotho’s most beautiful gems, travel destinations and resorts like Mahlakapese River Resort.

Figure 1: Mahlakapese River Resort (Refiloe Mokuoane)

Situated at Ha Setene in Leribe, approximately 98km north of Lesotho’s capital city, Maseru, Mahlakapese River Resort caters to all your needs. It offers tranquillity, breath-taking views, and an experience of a kind. Whether you are looking for a spa day or workout to destress after a hectic week, hosting a conference and sundowners by the pool side; the resort is the place to be.

Figure 2: Pool area (Tokiso Nthebe)

What the Resort offers

Mahlakapese River Resort provides apartment style accommodation, fully fitted with standard bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. The units have flat screen TVs, sufficient parking bays and Wi-Fi. The resort promises to take care of all your wellness needs.

It provides a fully functional gym, hair salon, nail bar, sauna, spa and jacuzzi. As if that is not enough, the resort provides conference facilities, business suites and pool area which is perfect for intimate catch ups with family and friends. For parents traveling with children, there is a child friendly space to keep the children entertained during your stay.

Figure 3: Mahlakapese River Resort (Refiloe Mokuoane)

What other activities are available?

As mentioned earlier, Leribe has a lot to offer travellers for example Thotoane Restaurant at Mahlakapese Guest Lodge. Situated in Hlotse and part of the Mahlakapese stable, Thotoane Restaurant along with the guest lodge and bar offers a full menu and accommodation. Other nearby destinations in the district of Butha Buthe are Maliba Lodge and Afri Ski Mountain Resort.

Why should you escape to Mahlakapese River Resort?

Set to officially open in September 2023, Mahlakapese River Resort is the ideal escape and travel destination for travellers. It’s unique offering, tranquillity and calming ambiance are exactly what we need. Still not sure?

In my recent travel vlog above, I share with you a glimpse of what the resort looks like and what to expect. Make sure to subscribe to the channel Escapes with TKay for more travel content and share the link with your family and friends. Lastly, follow Mahlakapese River Resort on their social media pages for more updates.

Here’s to creating travel and lifestyle experiences together!

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